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Wellness Sundays at the Green Door Market

Christy's Organic Fruit and Veg and The Pantry are trading every Sunday.

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Beginning in March 2020, the Green Door Market will open its doors every Sunday from 11am for a morning of wellness and self care. With activities such as Hatha Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Qigong, Intuitive Dance and resistance training held on the mezzanine each week, you'll be welcomed to start your Sunday slow with a bit of self love and creativity.

Classes begin at 11am every Sunday from March 1st with a changing rota of teachers offering a variety of fun, creative practices. Followed by this, at 12.15pm, we will be joined by Marie who will power up your Sunday with a free weights resistance training session. All classes are open to any level of experience and cost just €10 drop in!

Where: Mezzanine, Green Door Market, Bluebell Business Centre, Dublin 8
When: Every Sunday
11am - Yoga/Dance/Qigong
12.15pm - Resistance Training
Cost: €10 drop in
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring along a yoga mat if you have one.

Your teachers:
Ishtar of Yoga with Ishtar is a 200hr certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher with over five years experience teaching yoga, meditation and pranayama in Ireland and abroad. In her classes you will be led through a range of asanas designed to help you explore your own body while lengthening and strengthening muscles. Each session finishes with a short guided meditation to reconnect our bodies, minds and breath.

Ewa of Move with Ewa - movement & laughter & life coaching returned to Ireland in 2018 and is on a mission to “move” this country a bit! She will be bringing both intuitive dance and laughter yoga to the Wellness Sundays. Intuitive dance is a method of improving mental, emotional and also spiritual well-being, by creating movement in a spontaneous way while laughter yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Laughter yoga is done in groups, with eye contact, jokes and playfulness between participants, which is great for bonding, stress relief, increasing self-confidence and reconnecting with inner child.

Nathalie of KamaSundari is a certified Qi Gong ('energy work') instructor who has trained in Thailand with Grand Master Mantak Chia and around the globe with top senior instructors from the Universal Healing Tao system. Nathalie will share with you simple Qi Gong exercises that have the purpose of giving you more energy, releasing tension and stress, strengthening the system, boosting the “operating system” and calming the mind.

Marie of is a Consultant Exercise & Nutrition Specialist who designs fitness programs for general health, athlete training, and the prevention of disease. At 12.15pm every Sunday she will be offering free weights resistance training classes on the mezzanine. The programme is a low to moderate intensity physical activity session designed to suit all levels of fitness, even those who have never exercised previously. It is specifically designed to be safe for individuals with stable chronic conditions. You will be evaluated in strength and flexibility and will learn the proper technique to perform each exercise correctly & safely - working on specific muscle groups at set periods of time.

11am rotating schedule:
March 1st - Intuitive Dance with Ewa
March 8th - Hatha Yoga with Ishtar
March 15th - Laughter Yoga with Ewa
March 22nd - Qigong with Nathalie
March 29th - Hatha Yoga with Ishtar

April 5th - Laughter Yoga with Ewa
April 12th - Intuitive Dance with Ewa
April 19th - Hatha Yoga with Ishtar
April 26th - Qigong with Nathalie

May 3rd: Intuitive Dance with Ewa
May 10th - Hatha Yoga with Ishtar
May 17th - Hatha Yoga with Ishtar
May 24th - Laughter Yoga with Ewa
May 31st - Qigong with Nathalie

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